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Note: Any one known deceased (especially infants/babies) without death dates will have their death dates on line (here) listed as '01/01/2001', until some one provides us with correct information. A death date is part of criteria for the information to be displayed here.

Please include the dashes (-) in the Social Security Number when searching the database.
Typing in the first few digits, will fetch all records starting with those digits, this is done to make the search easy since we only have a few records with SSN. Entering full SSN will fetch the exact record.

Please note that, social security numbers of the deceased are available as public information to any one on US Govt. websites. You may not be able to search ALL our records using this option because not all records have yet been updated with the SSN information. However, if you know the SSN of your loved one who has passed away and you think some one else may benefit searching our database using SSN, please send it to us and we will update it at our earliest opportunity.

Please send corrections and requests for updates to