Guedry Cemetery Inc.
(Located @ Batson Texas - 77519)


The information on this site is simply to help families and friends of the diseased easily locate their loved ones on Guedry Cemetery Inc.'s grave site. 

One of the main aims is to help those who often travel from far away states to Batson, Texas in search of their ancestor's grave only to find that its not there. With the database on line, one will be able to search and know for sure whether the grave they are looking for is or is not here therefore saving them time, money and unnecessary trips. 

Other than looking up information of your friend/s or relative/s, you may NOT in anyway use any of the data posted in here for any reason. You may be liable to prosecution according to any existing governing laws pertaining to use of the information provided here in.


This is to state that ALL the information/data that is posted on Guedry Cemetery Inc. web site belongs to public records.

Public records can be legally accessed or obtained by any one, directly or indirectly in various manners and from various sources including the US Governmental offices, the US Governmental web sites, Online ancestry databases and the cemetery records.

Guedry Cemetery Inc. hereby takes no responsibility for any unlawful use of this information. You - the user are directly responsible for any such doings and may be prosecuted according to any laws that protect this information. Please find time to visit various online ancestry databases and government websites to see other terms and conditions that may apply to the use of public data/records.

All the work on this site is on voluntary effort and as such the records are not always up to date and neither do we claim that the records accurate.

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